If you are not located in one of the participating municipalities, we regret that you are not currently eligible to enroll in Westchester Power. Download a sample letter to ask your elected officials to consider enabling your town to join Westchester Power.

If you are already with an Energy Service Company (ESCO), you are not currently eligible for our Westchester Power Program. However, if you are located in a participating municipality you may switch to our Program!

Your next steps are: Compare your ESCO rate to our rates, or contact your ESCO about how to leave and join Westchester Power. Call us and we will help.

If you are located in a participating municipality, or have recently moved into one, and are not supplied by a ESCO, please continue to the form below to opt in and join the Program.

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Any Questions?

For 9am-5pm customer service, please call us at 914-242-4725. Or email us anytime at
info@westchesterpower.org. Thank you!