Westchester Power offers two supply options: 100% Renewable Energy and Basic. Both supply options offer fixed rates that are lower than the average rate you paid for basic supply from your utility in 2015!

Basic energy supply is predominantly provided by fossil fuel and nuclear generation. Basic supply costs on average $1 or $2 less per month than 100% Renewable Energy supply.

If you live in a community colored brown on this map, congratulations! Your community's leaders already have chosen our Basic Energy supply (lowest rate) as the default starting rate for all eligible homeowners and small businesses!

If you live in a community colored green on this map - or are new to this program - and would like to choose the Basic Supply option, fill in the form below to switch your choice.

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Any Questions?

For 9am-5pm customer service, please call us at 914-242-4725. Or email us anytime at Thank you!